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Where software and ideas mash together to create
solutions for everyday problems
Where software and ideas mash together to create solutions for everyday problems

Attentive Quadrant (AQ) is a software development company, with a vision to develop technologies powerful enough to handle day-to-day corporate operations complexities while making human life easy.

We are a passionate team. AQ’s software engineers’ are experts in software development and software integration, providing end-to-end solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements in achieving their objectives, customizing solutions according to their needs. Your growth is our gain.


Mohd Hazri Mohd Zuhuri

Farid Aminee Abu Hasan


All that we offer for your organization’s convenience in building secure systems to complement your business.

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Our technological specificity and specialty in contemporary times comes with the objective of assisting your organization’s system needs.

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Providing top-quality procedure when performing task at hands with the aim to conceive a sound solution for your business.

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Our modus operandi has always been the pursuit of excellence in executing task on behalf of your organization at your behest.

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Innovative products developed by Attentive Quadrant to increase efficiency in work productivity and alleviate the difficulties faced by organisations in handling their data system.


Consolidate & Manage Your Data

Uniqlog is a logging management intelligence system that automatically consolidates data from multiple devices and manages them in a central repository, leveraging on the Hadoop Big Data platform. This system includes the task of collecting, storing and analysing logs using Big Data various components as well as our own developed components. With Uniqlog, Administrators will have the convenience of monitoring systems at any time, allowing them to focus on more strategic and operational tasks. Data Centers can prevent downtime by early detection of critical areas.

By default, Uniqlog support syslog data format out of the box. Uniqlog offers a user-friendly dashboard to translate extensive event logs into coherent reports. You can choose to view the logs either in summary or in details to suit your work.

Uniqlog is the best support for your system administrators.


Vigilance Is An Asset

Cognisense is a Cloud-Based Intelligent Monitoring System that provides temperature monitoring for your IT facilities room, complete with real-time charting displayed in daily, weekly and monthly intervals. It can be deployed across several industries such as Information Technology (small and medium-sized server rooms), Telecommunication (Main Distribution Frame room), Food and Beverage (cold storage), Pharmaceutical (cold storage) and Poultry (chicken farm).

Cognisense is designed to provide you with centralised visibility and reporting of your business’s critical assets through its monitoring and alerting capabilities. When the temperature of the room rises, a warning notification will be sent to inform Admin/Users on any apparent and potential issues, ensuring optimal performance in a consistent manner. Disruptions to any business operations can be minimised by preventive measures through early detection of possible failures.

Cognisense is developed and engineered in Malaysia, thus guaranteeing immediate and responsive local support at your fingertips.



Information Is What Differentiates You With Your Competitors

As the world becomes more digitised, organizations need to work harder than ever to stay relevant. Information embodies the essence of your businesses and is a key ingredient to propel your businesses into the future.

MyDOMA is an easy to use document management solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents. MyDOMA transforms your manual system by capturing information from paper documents and converting it into digital formats. It is also cloud-based, granting you more flexibility compared to a local network. By using MyDOMA, your business will have a more secure, accessible, efficient and safer document depository, thus reducing the costs related to manual document management in the long run.

MyDOMA is your one stop archive for all manuals.


Management Made Easier

Need help with your network administration and security? Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) with Central Control Manager (CCM) is your solution. TACACS+ provides device administration for routers, network access servers and other networked computing devices via centralized servers. TACACS+ with CCM help simplifies your network administration tasks and manages your network security for router logins, user IDs and passwords, authorizing commands and accountability. TACACS+ with CCM can handle various devices and brands.

The web interface of CCM provides management of multiple instances of TACACS+ through a single management user interface (UI). It can be used to manage the accessibility of your infrastructure, users and devices. With CCM, you can manage access control list, manage and add devices, and monitor TACACS+ instance health.

TACACS+ provides control over the authorization of commands, thus guaranteeing a more secure and safer network administration for your business.


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